Pop Art

A collection of pop art related paintings by artist Kyle Fedorek.

About me

As an artist creativity and color inspires me the most. Other artists and street art give me inspiration for my pieces as well. As a kid and growing up around NY i always gravitated and loved the urban and graffiti i would see. I love experimenting with different mediums and other such artistic things such as diamond dust and art resins. I love classic Andy Warhol and Peter Ma type art. I also enjoy Mr Brainwash, Banksy and Alec Monopoly as inspiration for todays art world and pieces. Everybody has their own unique style and outlook that they put on the canvas. I also enjoy everyone's unique talent and art work.

Most popular

“OMG” Megan Fox Wonder Woman Art

This piece is a mixed media collage on a 30x40 inch canvas. Finished with art resin this piece really pops! This was a fun...

“Sexual Healing”