About Fedorek Art

Born in Rockland County NY I had a knack for art, drawing and design at a young age. I would trace and draw my favorite monsters super heroes and more. For many years i would drew all day long. As i got older i gravitated towards sports, computers and design. I graduated from Ramapo College with a Bachelors in Psychology. Unfortunately I got indicted and charged with computer hacking in 2014 and sentence to two years in federal prison. Upon starting my 2 years i began drawing and painting again. It is here that i found my comfort and true passion. I painted day in an day out and have not stopped since!  I love art and everything about it.
As an artist creativity and color inspires me the most. Other artists and street art give me inspiration for my pieces as well. As a kid and growing up around NY i always gravitated and loved the urban and graffiti i would see. I love experimenting with different mediums and other such artistic things such as diamond dust and art resins. I love classic Andy Warhol and Peter Ma type art. I also enjoy Mr Brainwash, Banksy and Alec Monopoly as inspiration for todays art world and pieces. Everybody has their own unique style and outlook that they put on the canvas. I also enjoy everyone’s unique talent and art work.
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